The Effective Biotechnological Tools are the consortiums of potential enzymes and bacteria, which are capable of degrading and assimilating the pollutants.

We have broad range of Effective Biotechnological tools with reference to the pollutants in the waste water of specific Industries like

  • Frushzen - Leather Tanning Industries -
  • Sevalzen - Domestic Sewage and Dairy Industry
  • Texielzen - Textile Industries
  • Sucanzen - Sugar Mills
  • Bevezen - Beverages Industries
  • Chemzen - Chemical, Dyes and Drug Industries
  • Papulzen - Paper and Pulp Industries
  • Fertailzen - Fertilizer Industries
  • Starch Based Industries effluent

Performance Characteristics:

  • 20% reduction in the total cost of Effluent Treatment
  • ~ 95 % BOD reduction and 80% of COD reduction
  • Energy savings potential up to 25%
  • Improve the quality of tertiary treatment (i.e. RO process) and thus increase in life of membranes.