MSI Biotech is a company of potential team of microbiologist, biotechnologists, and chemists having good exposure to enzyme engineering, effluent treatment and microbes.

MSI Biotech provides customized economic solutions for various sectors like leather Tanning, Sugar mills, Pharmaceuticals, Beverages, Domestic Waste, Fertilizers industries, Paper Mills, Textiles, Dyes, Dyeing, etc.

MSI Biotech deals with Effective Biotechnology based products for reduction of the organic loads present in Waste water (i.e. Effluents) and the products have been developed after a prolonged R & D, testing and field trials.

We are providing customized economic solutions for various sectors like leather Tanning, Textile mills, Sugar mills, Pharmaceuticals, Beverages, Fertilizers industries, Paper Mills, Dyes, Dyeing, and Domestic Waste etc.

Extensive tests were carried out at different levels like lab scale, bench scale, and Pilot scale and in Effluent Treatment Plants & Common Effluent Treatment Plants.

MSI Biotech has raised seed fund from Technology Business Incubator of VIT University, Vellore.

From February 2007 onwards research and development work as well as field trials and demos have been performed in various ETPs and CETPs.


  • Finalist in Lockheed Martin Innovation Challenge 2007 conducted by FICCI, DST and IC2, University of Texas.
  • Finalist in Indian Innovation Pioneer Challenge 2008 Conducted by DST, Intel and INDOUSSTF.
  • Finalist in Tech global Award 2008.
  • Active consideration from DSIR in Waste to Wealth Scheme.
  • Grant Received from MSME.


Dr. S.K. Jain, A Ph.D holder in Ecological science, and holding a Post graduate Diploma in Environmental Engineering from Germany and having more-than 33 years experience in environmental management and pollution control. He is also holding Fellowship awards from UGC, UNEP/UNESCO. He has published research papers in various National and International journals and also attended several conferences.


Be an important corporate player in the global market of environmental biotechnology in order to improve quality of product and services concerned with human life and Environment.


Developing and offering cost effective solutions for the treatment of effluents from the industries such as Tanning, Textile, Sugar, Paper & Pulp, Fertilizers and other processing industries as well as domestic waste water.